The San Jose Sharks were in Florida last night to play the Panthers. 

The Panthers skated away with an easy home ice win by the score of 5-1.

There was an interesting storyline during the game as Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman played against each other for the first time since their drama in Ottawa. 

Back in 2017, it was revealed that Karlsson and his wife Melinda filed an order of protection in an Ottawa court against Hoffman’s then-fiancee Monika Caryk (the two were married this past summer) alleging harassment and cyberbullying.

The two players were then traded that summer as they obviously couldn't play on the same team. 

When the two finally faced each other last night, Hoffman had one thing on his mind, to fight Karlsson. 

“I have been thinking about this game for a long time,” Hoffman said. “It is a part of hockey.”

“He actually played tonight and I asked if he wanted to go and obviously he did not,” Hoffman said afterward. “I chased him around for an entire shift, kept asking and asking. He wouldn’t. He kept saying ‘I am not fighting you.’”

Source: Quotes From The Athletic