There's of course two sides to every story, however right now there's only one side and former Toronto Maple Leafs' defenseman Nikita Zaitsev does not look good at all. 

Zaitsev left the Ottawa Senators a couple of weeks ago for personal reasons and no other details were released. 

The Senators didn't give any details regarding when Zaitsev would return to the team. 

Zaitsev has since returned to the team however hasn't spoken about the incident at all. 

Now some crazy details have been revealed including a video. 

According to Complete Hockey News: 

"Video has emerged of Ottawa Senators defenceman Nikita Zaitsev’s father and two associates removing Zaitsev’s children from Zaitsev’s ex-wife.

The report from Russia alleges that Zaitsev “abducted” his children because he didn’t want to pay child support and fled back to Canada."

Check out the video below: