While the Winnipeg Jets might be up 2-0 in their series against the Minnesota Wild, they took a small loss on the ice during Game 2. 

During the final minutes of the game, a big scrum took place, while everybody had a dance partner and plenty of face washes were going down, Wild forward Daniel Winnik grabbed Jets forward Brandon Tanev and started pounding away. 

While at first it looked like Tanev was ready to fight, that didn't last long and Winnik took full advantage of the size mismatch standing at 6'2 210lbs while Tanev stands at 6' and 180lbs. 

While Tanev was pressed up against the bench near the end of the fight, Winnik made sure to pummel him with a couple of extra shots. 

Jets fans aren't too happy about this, check out the fight in the video below, did Winnik go too far?

Source: Sportsnet