The Detroit Red Wings are slowly getting training camp underway and general manager Steve Yzerman met with the media. 

Yzerman revealed that one forward will miss parts of the season because of his refusal to be vaccinated. 

Tyler Bertuzzi has refused to be vaccinated and doesn't have any health issues that would prevent him from getting the vaccine. 

Because of this, Bertuzzi will not be allowed entry into Canada to play games which means he'll miss a chunk of the season. 

"We can't force anyone to get vaccinated," Yzerman said. "I personally am vaccinated, my family is vaccinated. I'll leave it at that."

"Tyler will follow the protocols for non-vaccinated players,"  Yzerman continued. "Most significant, is as of now, and for the foreseeable future, entering Canada. That will be an issue when we are playing Canadian teams." 

Bertuzzi is one of the team's best forwards and it's definitely a blow to the Wings' lineup.