The big story from this past weekend in the NHL was of course the Zack Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk incident. 

Yesterday that NHL announced that Kassian would be suspended for two games. 

People disagreed with the call saying that Kassian was just standing up for himself after Tkachuk laid out some dangerous hits on him. However the NHL deemed that Tkachuk's hits were perfectly legal and weren't dangerous. 

Speaking to the media for the first time since the suspension announcement, Kassian didn't hold back and said he'd do it again. 

“‘Since minor midget I’ve stood up for myself and my teammates.’ People don’t do that to me or my teammates when I’m out there. To me, those are two dangerous hits. If they’re clean, they’re still predatorial, which is completely fine. I love big-boy hockey. But if you’re gonna play big-boy hockey, you’re gonna have to answer the bell every once and a while." 

What Kassian said next has some people worried about Kassian, a player known for crossing the line. 

He was asked about how he felt regarding the NHL's ruling saying that Tkachuk's hits were clean. 

“Good. Now I can do what Matt Tkachuk does.”