It was the talk of the town two weeks ago, and it seems we'll be talking about Zack Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk once again soon enough. 

Kassian has served his suspension and will return to action when the Oilers come back from their bye week and All-Star Break. 

What makes Kassian's return even more interesting is that it will be against Tkachuk and the Calgary Flames on January 29. 

The NHL has already warned both teams to keep it cool, however Kassian doesn't care and is going to go after Tkachuk even if he has to go through Milan Lucic first. 

"Oh stuff is gonna happen," said Kassian while appearing on the Kes and Juice podcast hosted by Kevien Bieska and Ryan Kesler"Stuff will probably happen. It is crazy how people think... it's just hockey. Chances are big Luc is gonna come over and if something has to happen something has to happen."

"It's good to get a little old time hockey."

Things are definitely going to get interesting at the end of the month. 

Source: Kes And Juice Podcast